Russia to launch its first manned mission to the ISS on December 3


On Wednesday, the Russian space agency Roscosmos said in a statement that the first manned mission to the International Space Station will take place on December 3. Earlier, the space agency failed to launch the manned mission on October 11th.

On October 11, a Russian and an American astronaut were forced to stop their mission and landed an emergency landing as the spacecraft developed a problem while it was on the mission. This accident is due to defective sensors present in the spacecraft.

According to Sergey Krikalov, who is the executive director of the spacecraft program at the Roscosmos Russian space agency, he said that in order to avoid shifting the ISS to unmanned operations, the industry is now difficult to make this launch on December 3rd. The crew present at the ISS will return to Earth on December 20th.

It has been said that the first serious launch problem faced by this skilful Space Shuttle mission in 1983 was a great tragedy. But fortunately, the crew has escaped from the area before launching a launch.

In recent years, it has been found that Russian missiles have experienced a series of dysfunctions that have occurred in recent years. The two astronauts who have passed the emergency landing in the recent incident in Soyuz had to spend six months in the ISS.

In a statement by Krilljilf, he said that Rocsos had a malfunction due to the first and second-stage collisions of the missiles, and this happens during the splitting of the first stage. He also added that in the future he will arrange to check again and again the sensors before starting for crew safety.


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