Tuesday , January 19 2021

RNC chairman calls on Michigan board to suspend certification of election results

The last attempt to stop the Michigan certification election comes when President Donald Trump failed to persuade Michigan lawmakers to help the state swing. Following a meeting with Trump at the White House on Friday, Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Cirkey and House Speaker Lee Hattfield said they were unaware of any new information that would change the outcome of the Michigan election.

Democratic President-elect Joe Biden won Michigan by about 150,000 votes. The state is in the midst of a handful where the Trump campaign has posed legal challenges. It is scheduled to certify its results on Monday.

Democrat professor Norm Shinkle told the Detroit News on Friday that he was considering backing a control or delay in final certification after two Republican Canvassers of Wayne tried unsuccessfully to revoke their credentials. county results after learning. an audit would not be conducted prior to state certification.

Sinclair said he could not decide before seeing the Michigan Election Report on 83 county certifications.
There are four members – two Democrats and two Republicans – on the Michigan State Council of Canvases.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocely Benson said earlier this week that her service would conduct an audit following the election of Wayne County and some other local jurisdictions. However, he said the audit could not be done before state results were certified because election officials did not have legal access to the documents required until then, according to Detroit News.

A group of Michigan voters claimed in a lawsuit filed Friday in DC federal court that the provocation and pressure on election officials was tantamount to an attempted mass repression of voters by the Trump campaign.

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