Sunday , May 16 2021

Martin Sheen and his wife "nice," says the actor after Charlie Sheen's search for a fire

Martin and Janet Sheen, the parents of actor Charlie Sheen, have been safely stranded in the bombings for the rapid spread of fires in California.

"We're fine," said Martin Sheen to Hal Eisner of FOX11 Los Angeles at Zuma Beach late Friday.

"Emilio, Ramone, Renee, Charlie, we're fine," said the veteran actor, referring to his four children. "We are at Zuma beach, we will probably sleep in the car tonight, we are okay and we hope you are."

Earlier Friday night, Charlie Sheen said he could not get in touch with his parents who were last reported on a Zuma beach squad. He made a desperate call for Twitter, asking the public that "if anyone has eyes" on his parents, please let him know.

"I can not find my parents, Martin and Janet Sheen, who are in the team, at the parking lot near Zuma Beach," Sheen wrote. "If anyone has their eyes, please let me know that they are safe and healthy in the middle of this terrible script. Thank you in advance."

State officials have put the total number of people forced out of their homes to about 250,000. The evacuation orders included the entire town of Malibu, which hosts 13,000 residents, including some of Hollywood's biggest stars.


A wild fire in northern California burns most of the city of Paradise – home of about 30,000 people – with flames that moved so fast there was nothing that could be done by firefighters, authorities said on Friday.

At least nine people have died and more than 6,700 structures are burned in what quickly grew up in the devastating fire of the state in at least a century.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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