Manny Machado week ends in painful fashion for the White Sox – The Athletic


PEORIA, Ariz. – "I'm so happy about where we are now than where the White Sox are."

Friday's press conference introducing Manny Machado to San Diego Padres has already felt like a nearly hour-long twist of the knife in the White Sox's broken heart without executive chairman Ron Fowler mentioning the team by name, but the event was all about making things official.

Even in the immediate wake of the dispiriting news three days ago, Kenny Williams dismissed the idea that Machado, with his "Johnny Hustle" comments, debunked the rumors of his insistence on playing shortstop, or just supposed reluctance to be a leader of a young, rebuilding team. Friday saw all White Sox's belief that Machado would have been a perfect addition to their rebuild confirmed by the man himself.

Machado shrugged off the pressure of being lined with a long franchise playoff drought he is expected to help end, sounded like someone very …


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