Thursday , April 15 2021

Kazakhstan trade in the Russian missile, Falcon 9: what is the reason – Techno 24

Kazakhstan просігнав русійські missiles of Falcon 9: у чому причина - Техно 24

Although Kazakhstan and Russia are working closely on space, and to launch the two satellites KazSaySat and KazistiSat, Kazakhstan has decided to build a Russian missile. Preference is given to the American rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX. is reported.

The launch of Kazakhstan's satellites is scheduled for November 19th.

As the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry Aset Nurkenov said, the launch will take place at a US military base Vandenberg in California and not in the Baikonur cosmopolitan.

He also stressed that this decision was made "solely on economic considerations". Only for the aerospace industry, Falcon 9 will be cheaper.

It is likely that in this solution there is another reason – unreliability of Russian rockets.

What is Falcon 9? This is rocket, belonging to the Falcon class. And 9 in the title refer to the number of engines in the rocket. Falcon 9 was first launched on June 4, 2010 and has since undergone two substantial changes.

We will recall in October a Soyuz rocket with two cosmonauts on the ship that crashed at the start. Both astronauts alive, made an extraordinary landing in Kazakhstan. Following the launch of the missiles, scheduled for November 16th.

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