Wednesday , January 20 2021

If you keep track of this group of invaders, your responsibility falls

OAKLAND – Raiders faced a quarter down and five feet to go late in the fourth quarter. He was under 14 points, desperately trying to return and stop an extensive lost set.

Derek Carr hit the shotgun and waited for Jalen Richard to fight through the defensive line and prepare for a shot. The pressure brought down, with Melvin Ingram in Carr's face. Richard was busy all the time.

The project, as planned, was dead. Carr threw it on the turf.

One problem: Turnover is down to losses. The fans of the Raiders were beaten for deciding to admit to this situation, hoping that Carr could improvise or throw it for the possibility of a downfield conversion.

This did not happen and a fifth straight loss was made. Chargers 20, Raiders 6.

The offense, and the game that passes in particular, has fought hard. Raiders did not fall in nine quarters. The disappointment in the changing room and throughout the fan base reaches critical mass.

Uncle of the 4th and 5th century did not help much.

"We tried for a great game," said Gruden. "It was a game designed for man-man, we were trying to create a choice for half our back, give credit to San Diego, did a great game, we were looking for a great job in this situation and the chargers were gone. that play call there I have to see what happened The project was designed for Jalen Richard where I was, I was not sure how much pressure it was, but it looked like Melvin Ingram III beating on it. others who brought us the game today. "

A game call in this situation, with only one legitimate option, could and will be challenged, as Gruden suggests, but he was not the only one.

The Raiders also could not score in the fourth and the goals from 1 in their first turn, using a jet wipe that failed to pass the goal line.

The Raiders promoted the ball well but could not get it out, going 0-on-3 out of the red belt.

Discount turnover was one of these offensive failures. The game was designed for Richard, and Carr said there were no options other than raiders who run back.

"No, not in that case," said Carr. "There is literally – it's Jalen, the cover we play and everything, the way we designed it – is Jalen, I would like there to be something else I could do, you know, I do not want to lose. We're going to talk about this week, it's really designed for Jalen and covered it. "

Carr could not wait any longer, since Ingram turned around Brandon Parker and fell under the quarterback. It was either a bag or a shiver at this point, with the main choice being covered.

Carr did not think he was able to run for the first time with Ingram coming warm.

"I would definitely have been fired at No. 54, but I would – absolutely, yes, we could have had something different to get it out first," said Carr. "It hurts."

Social media fans upset Carr to throw it away and several members of the media (including myself) have raised an eyebrow.

NFL network analyst David Carr, Derek's older brother, defended Derek Carr's decision at these moments of fall.

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