Thursday , August 5 2021

Glen Taylor, owner of Timberwolves, Minnesota, is addressing Jimmy Butler's trade in Philadelphia 76ers

Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor seems ready to move on from the drama of Jimmy Butler that overshadowed the start of the season by saying that "too much of my time had gone through things that were negative."

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In a series of this week's interviews, Taylor analyzed his thoughts throughout the Butler trade ended Monday's Philadelphia 76ers.

Taylor told the World War I press that Timberwolves "were lost at some point" trying to persuade Butler to stay in Minnesota. He added that he did not predict how tumultuous and short the Batter possession in Minnesota would be.

"For me, I thought we helped us because he said he wanted to get out of Chicago, so I thought we were useful," said Taylor. "We certainly gave Chicago some very good new players. [Butler] came here with expectations that he would help lead the team not only with a score, but with his experience that would be shared with our youngsters and we got behind it. "

Butler joined Timberwolves in a 2017 day trade that sent Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and Lauri Markkanen to Taurus and brought Justin Patton to Minnesota. Butler, an All-Star in the last four seasons, played 69 games for Timberwolves.

Taylor told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he felt that Butler had "an agenda" that led to the situation getting out of control of Timberwolves and creating a "negative environment."

"It just seemed that they did not work together as a team or as a unit they should have. I can not just answer why," said Taylor. "All that was different from what we had was Jimmy's place to leave the team."

Butter's influence on Andrew Wiggins and the cities of Karl-Anthony has pushed Taylor into action, he said.

The owner said he was happy that the Timberwolves received assets to Robert Covington and Dario Saric who can help the team win this season, as opposed to simply hiding short-term choices for the future.

"That is why this possibility broke that I thought [this offer] were better than some of the others could include a [draft] or something like that, "Taylor told Pioneer Press. Of course, we love the choices, but I thought maybe we could probably have a better team together and these two guys seem to fit. "

Now Taylor's attention has turned to Timberwolves players and the remaining staff. The owner turned to the professional position of coach Tom Thibodeau, telling Star Tribune that progress will be assessed without including specific goals for success.

"Okay, you now have your team," said Taylor. "We made the transactions, they're kids you like and let's see what we can do".

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