On the award-winning women of the year, Chrissy Teigen talks about the woman's memorable year, Janelle Monae hypes Michelle Obama, while Alicia Silverstone personally urges climate change. (November 13th)

The Glamor magazine is digital.

After 80 years, Conde Nast announced Tuesday that the women's lifestyle magazine will end its monthly edition, choosing to focus exclusively on multimedia content.

"In 2019, we will double the digital, expand video games and social storytelling with new and ambitious projects," said Twitter's Glamor Twitter on Tuesday, sharing the vision of the new author, Samantha Barry.

Glamor said it would continue to "celebrate great moments" with special issue issues, as opposed to a monthly release: "Our narrative and service will continue to reach the Glamor audience on the most frequented platforms – which means we are going to use to print the way our audiences are doing. "

The latest monthly issue, the issue of January 2019, will hit the signs next week.

"On all platforms, Glamor is the ultimate beginning for the next generation of change creators, leading talks, information and entertainment," said Barry. "As we enter our 80th year, I believe this is true more than ever!"

The announcement comes a year after the publication of Teen Vogue and Self Magazine, a move to reduce the spending on the failed print business.

The New York Times, who broke the news for the first time, reported that Conde Nast – publisher if they like Vogue and Vanity Fair – lost more than $ 120 million last year.

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