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Ford could cook a Race Le Mans-Inspired version of the Ford GT

Photo: Ford

More than four years after the Ford GT's first revelation, Ford is coming up with something new for it. The details are rare, but you can see from the photo of the teaser above that he seems to have a giant, Le Mans back wing style, big enough to eat a turkey off.

Ford's official announcement will be at this year's Goodwood Festival Speed, according to a press release. The company has said nothing more than a "special Super GT car Ford announcement" at that time.

This means it's time to speculate.

Personally, I think it's going to be a kind of Ford-inspired, exclusive and special edition. Since normal was not quite exclusive, it must exist even more special a. I've lit up the above picture as best I can and I really think it's going to be something legitimate on the road as it's headlights and not low enough to be another racing car.

Eagle-eyed site friend Bozi Tatarevic put the photo side by side with a regular GT on it Twitter thread.

The mystery of the car does not seem to be much lower (it would be quite difficult to get much lower than a standard GT for a street car, anyway). But there seems to be a scoop in the photo of the teaser.

So the thing could be a type of car inspired by Le Mans. The GT GT of the Ford GT.

We will learn more next month.

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