Thursday , May 13 2021

Celtic Notes: Kyrie Irving's Kill Time Explosion May Need for Boston Spark Boston Celtics

The Thursday night looked like the worst nightmare of the Boston Celtics.

Following the rejection of the first two rounds of the five-game road tour, Boston entered the game against the Phoenix Suns with 6-4 in total, with distractions for chemistry and blows at the time they began to swirl around the club.

The Celtics got lethargic on Talking Stick Resort Arena, dropping into a 22-hole hole against the 2-8 Suns. It seemed that the C & Cs were meant to face the growing questions about what went wrong with the favorites of the Eastern Conference.

But Mrs. Irving had other ideas.

With Boston going through 12 to three minutes to play, the Boston star put on his head and rescued the split Celtics. Irving scored 10 points in the last three minutes and found Marcus Morris for the 3-pointer that gave the game with 0.3 seconds to send the game to overtime.

Overtime, surprisingly, belonged to the Boston hero.

Irving and Suns star Devin Booker enjoyed the OT's first minutes, with C's guard marking the first six points of the season and helping a 3-pointer of Al Horford who gave Boston the lead that would not give up . Irving scored 16 points in the fourth quarter and overtime, turning a devastating victory into a win with 116-109 and a moment that could put the Celtics on the path to discover the dominant level of play that is in place.

While Boston is full of talent, Irving is clearly on his own and showed why he is one of the top talents of the championship during the late-game bar.

"This certainly kills the time, you know," Irving told NBC Sports Boston's Abby Chin after the game. "I just want to get aggressive, make sure I do the right games at the two ends of the floor, just play in my strengths, and trust my teammates." This is the most important thing we start to understand is that it is not for who scores, is for confidence. By doing this extra pass, making a game and having confidence, that's really what comes down. "

The Celtics scored 13 points at 18.2 percent in a catastrophic first quarter, but Irving believes it is part of the growing pain faced by the group as they try to find out how to play together.

"It happens, you know? These road trips, you want to go out and play well. Obviously, we who formed this group and our companionship, our cohesiveness, every adjective you want to cast there to describe, what we are going through now is to imagine as a team and we have to be resilient and have heart and I think we showed this wish tonight to win. We wanted it, came out with a dub. "

Questions about Celtic's cohesiveness and potential will continue if they climb slowly, but Boston played virgin basketball under stretch and all came from Irving's attack.

Here are more notes from Celtics-Suns:

– Head coach Brad Stevens was glad that his team got the win, but he knows his team is nowhere near where he should be.

"I told Suns coach Igor Kokoskov that he was not worth winning the game," said Stevens, as seen in NBC Sports Boston. "It was a great personal show from Kyrie for sure, and Morris hit another huge shot for us, but we have a long way to go."

– The sun had a winning chance of 99.7 percent when it was up to 17 to 6:56 to play. Boston won the Phoenix 43-17 for the rest of the game.

– With Celtics down 20 at halftime, Stevens chose to change his turn, going with Marcus Smart instead of Jayson Tatum. Why; Effort.

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