Thursday , September 16 2021

Amazon will release free shipping to everyone during the 2018 season

"This is the era for online shopping, especially if Amazon is your destination. The big online retailer has announced that it will offer free shipping to all orders late for Christmas, eliminating a minimum purchase price – even if you are not a former member.

The company had previously set a threshold of $ 25 for orders to qualify for free shipping, but Amazon will waive this requirement from Monday, according to the company. Therefore, hundreds of millions of items will be eligible for free shipping.

Primary members, who already have the right to receive two-day shipping, will also receive a new privilege: more than 3 million items will be available for delivery on the same day during the holiday season.

The move comes after Amazon's recent earnings report, where revenue rose 29 percent to $ 56.58 billion, but it was below analysts' expected 57.05 billion dollars. Sales amounted to $ 43.7 billion in the previous year.

For the current quarter ending in December, Amazon said it expects revenue from 66.5 billion to 72.5 billion dollars. Analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research were expecting revenues of $ 73.87 billion.

Retailers can expect a strong celebration of holiday markets this year Sales in November and December – excluding cars, gasoline and restaurants – are expected to rise between 4.3 and 4.8% versus 2017, with a total an amount of 717.45 billion to 720.89 billion dollars, according to data from the National Federation of Retail.

"Thanks to a healthy economy and strong consumer confidence, we believe that this holiday season will continue to reflect the growth we have seen in the past year," the group said in a statement.

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