Saturday , January 16 2021

What the papers say – November 12th

Pictures and reports from around the world of people who are silent to remember fallen soldiers since the First World War appear on Monday's fronts.

The times has a descriptive picture of memory with lines from the poem For the Fallen of Laurence Binyon.

The Daily Telegraph brings a picture of the 32 Pages of the Sea, where the faces of the dead war have been pulled into the sand. Their main story is former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, saying that the current plans of Braxton will force Britain to "remain in captivity"

The guardian runs with a report stating that the police want to increase the powers of attitude and search and remove the requirement for "reasonable reasons" for the use of the measures.

The Finance Times leads with the celebrations of Peace Day, saying that French President Emmanuel Makron "rallied against nationalism", which the paper calls a reprimand of the US president.

The Subway brings a picture of the Kentaif of the London celebrations.

The Independent leads with Brext, saying that Prime Minister Teresa May "had to abandon plans" for an emergency cabinet meeting to approve an agreement.

The Daily Mirror says the nation is united to remember "the sacrifice of the dead heroes."

The sun leads with a story that mother and daughter live in a hospital room for more than a year while waiting for a house on the council.

The Daily Mail and Daily Express to lead with the same images of the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge as well as the Queen, who is silent about the Truce.

And Daily Star leads with what the fans of Coronation Street can look forward to in the soap for Christmas.

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