Saturday , January 16 2021

The United States is considering lifting the travel ban on Britons

μιMirates has cleared its refund claims since April and the airline has now repaid AED 6.3 billion (1, 1.3 billion) to its customers.

Of the total repayment, AED 4.7 billion was to customers who had booked directly with the airline and the rest was returned through travel agencies. The airline said it had handled more than 130,000 refund inquiries from customers and travel agents, and made status changes to nearly four million flight vouchers.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, said: “In the first months of 2020, the Covid-19 massively disrupted worldwide travel and led to an unprecedented volume of refund requests across the aviation and travel industry, including of Emirates.

“It was not a situation that any airline wanted, especially as it also faced cash from drastically reduced companies. “During these difficult months, as we have dealt with the impact of the pandemic on our business, we have never forgotten our commitment to our customers.”

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