Wednesday , June 23 2021

The next Overwatch update will be a disco of a download

Now this TrackingThe younger hero, Ashe and Bob's tee have been unveiled, players are eagerly awaiting release at the next update of the game. However, Blizzard has begun to alert players that the update will be a bit more substantial than the usual patch and in fact will require the complete reinstallation of the game. This is not just about Ashe and Bob. Blizzard, on the other hand, revises a significant number of back-end systems to optimize the game as a whole.

The developer has not given an accurate release date for this update yet, but the fact that they have begun to advise players on the increased download size might mean it is not far away, perhaps even in the next week or so. Blizzard made a post in her official forums explaining that with me TrackingThe next update is not able to replace existing content and that both PC players and consoles will get a full reinstallation.

They recognize that this can make things a bit difficult for those who have limited internet connections, not to mention download times, but the point of warning is to help players plan ahead.

"The next major patch will have some very fundamental changes to the game's client.The number of changes in the back we put is important enough so that we can not just fix the current content effectively.This result when the next patch comes out , the customer will be fully reinstated to handle these changes. We know this is not ideal for people with moderate connections, so hopefully this announcement will help you get ready for the next the update ".

As for back-end systems that are improving, players will have to wait for the release notes for the details after the release. However, Blizzard confirmed it Kotaku that between changes is optimized memory for "limited systems", improved load times, reduced space on PS4, future content adjustments, and general bug fixes. It sounds like PC gamers who do not have huge amounts of RAM or the most powerful specifications can expect a smoother experience when the game runs.

PC gamers wishing to receive the update as soon as possible can leave the application open to download Tracking client as it was released over time, while PS4 and Xbox One will have to wait until the update is released simultaneously for their console.

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