Wednesday , October 20 2021

The missing boy was found safe and well after an extensive search at Dunfermline


A young boy lost by a supermarket in Dunfermline on Saturday was safe and well after an extensive search.

Citizens were asked to look out for the nine-year-old Harley McLay, who was roaming at the Asda store on Halbeath Street at 12:30 on Saturday.

The police issued an appeal amid concerns over its prosperity, stressing that it was not local in the region and that it may be lost.

However, the Scottish police confirmed at 4:45 pm. that it was located on Aberdour Road – which is about two miles from where it disappeared.

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Harley McLay.

It goes without saying that all the available police instruments are bred to Dunfermline to try to locate the boy as quickly as possible.

A large police presence could see in and around the busy supermarket early afternoon and the officers identified search areas near Queen Margaret Hospital as the hunt widened.

The Glasgow helicopter was called and could also see flying in the sky over the city shortly after 3.30 pm as the officers tried to locate the young man before the dark fell.

It is believed that Harley was separated from his carer.

When the news about the disappearance of the boy arrived at the staff, workers in Asda shops were picking up tools to look for him at the shop, and shoppers were asked if they had seen the boy as more and more officers drove to the area.

Then door-to-door searches along Halbeath Road were conducted, while fans who arrived at the Dunfermline v Falkirk match at East End Park also asked to watch.

The police dog team could see at Halbeath Retail Park and the officers visited all the businesses in the area to find out if they had seen. Leisure facilities and restaurants in Duloch Park were similarly approached.

Social media appeals were also shared hundreds of times, but honesty was confirmed by the Scottish police that it was found.

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