Friday , May 7 2021

The Facebook portal is now on sale – but will let someone leave Zuckerberg's cameras at home?

It looks like an espionage device, it works a little like one and it's built by a company that collects more information about ordinary people than almost any other company in the history of humanity.

Now, the Facebook device's Portal device is available for preparation – but it is not at all clear whether consumers will want to allow Mark Zuckerberg's "telescreen" at their house.

If you live in the US, you can now buy a portal with a 10 inch screen for $ 199 or a 15.6-inch Portal + for $ 349.

The gadgets are designed for video calls and both models are equipped with powerful 12 megapixel cameras as well as four microphones.

Are you still afraid? (Reuters Image)

The devices include Smart Camera and Smart Sound, using artificial intelligence to automatically rotate and zoom the camera to keep all speakers while Smart Sound minimizes background noise and strengthens the voice of those who talk about improving call quality.

Facebook insisted that it would not hear the phone calls of users and use the information to sell ads.

In a blog published yesterday, he wrote: "Facebook does not listen, view or hold the content of video calls Portal. This means that nothing you say on a TV call Portal is not accessible from Facebook or used for advertising.

The gate always listens for a "wake" such as "hey Portal", unless you disable your microphones.

Once you hear this command, it will begin to send audio information such as voice prompts and commands (which may include background noise or background conversations) & # 39; back to Facebook.

The device is also able to monitor the owner's movements around their home.

It can locate your location with the device by analyzing data from your smartphone while Portal cameras can also detect motion and wake the device from standby when someone walks in front of it.

We looked on Twitter to see if people were talking about Portal's order, but they could only find a handful of people pre-ordered gadgets, suggesting that there is not a huge buzz around his release.

If you have purchased a portal, please email to [email protected] to tell us why.

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