Saturday , October 16 2021

PUBG is available on Xbox Game Pass later this week

More game additions will come soon

The Xbox has passed last year and half a push on the Xbox Game Pass. Every effort is made to ensure that the subscription service is as attractive as possible. Microsoft clearly believes that this is the way to deliver content for the foreseeable future.

At the Xbox X018 event in Mexico City today, Microsoft announced a new barrel for Game Pass. PUBG will be available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Monday, November 12th. PUBG it originally came to the Xbox Preview Program in December 2017, so this addition is about 11 months after its first release.

Of course, there are rumors that PUBG will make his debut on PlayStation 4 in December. The Xbox that adds it to Game Pass can be a way to attract part of the playerbase console to remain on the Microsoft side.

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