Wednesday , January 20 2021

Good guys with a gun …


What is the role of public health in preventing the use of arms?

The Consortium of Affordable Medical Technologies at Massachusetts General Hospital (CAMTech) asked earlier this year to prevent Hackathon artillery violence, in which CAMTech adopted a public health approach to prevent the use of firearms by creating innovations that can tackle fire safety, community resilience and politics.

"Our goal is to promote innovations that have an impact on the patient or on public health. In addition, we seek to help cultivate med-tech ecosystems that enable people to solve their own healthcare challenges beyond Therefore, the effectiveness of hackathons is ultimately when the ideas created by them have achieved escalation and when a strong innovation ecosystem proves its ability to respond to localization pain points-hand, "he explained Dr Kris Olson, Director of CAMTech.

The Challenge Summit convened clinicians, government representatives, public health experts and affected members of the community to facilitate the debate and provide critical evidence for the prevention of gun violence. Hackathon served as an open innovation platform for a different community to co-create innovations over a 48-hour period. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, mentoring and incentives, teams have had the opportunity to accelerate their ideas into groundbreaking innovations with the ability to limit the outbreak of violence from weapons and to improve the lives of survivors.

I spoke to Dr. Peter Greenspan, part of the team that he won: Good guys with a gun. His solution was a training tool based on applications and sites and uses integrated Public Service Announcements to train firearms holders for the safety of weapons. Watch and hear what he has to say.

Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies at the Massachusetts General Hospital Campaign

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