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Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of the Grindelwald review – "JK Rowling's fantastic fantasy is launched from the screen"

The Harry Potter series has long been Studio Warner Bros' crown jewels, and this wonderfully rich fantasy adventure is another great jewel in the enchanting franchise.

And once again, JK Rowling's fantastic fantasy is thrown off the screen in a dazzling swirl of magical action and intense emotional moments fueled by a marvelous cast working from her amazing writing.

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne returns shy and naive charm as magician Newt Scamander, who is back in England and somewhat disappointed as he participated in the partial destruction of New York in the previous movie.

However, Newt glides to France seeking her compatriot Katherine Waterston, Tina, where she is involved in the evil designs of the dark wizard, Grindelwald.

It's a surprisingly inadequate interpretation of Johnny Depp as a convincing villain, who is trying to create a new world order with himself on top. Emphasizing his humanity makes him much more annoying than the mighty Lord Voldemort from the time of Harry.

Katherine Waterston and Eddie Redmayne as Tina and Newt at the Department of Magic

The centerpiece of his projects is Credence Barebone by Ezra Miller, a disturbing and vulnerable young man who is in Paris and is also sought by the repressive Ministry of Magic.

Meanwhile, Jude Law gives a concise interpretation of the Dumbledore guide, we are tempted by the full nature of his relationship with Grindelwald.

There is no shortage of cute animals or rich costumes as we come out of New York City to London and even to the Hogwarts Halls, which are sure to please the fans.

Jude Law as Dumbledore, who is not yet in charge of Hogwarts

And having directed the last four Harry Potter films and the first fantastic beasts, David Yates is the safest of his hands, as he weighs magic chaos with practical ease.

Rowling recognizes that her audience has grown up and has shaded her letter to reflect it, so while the first Harry Potter was a PG certificate, it is consistently 12A and can be very dark in tone from time to time for very young children.

Joshua Shea as a Newt during their school days at Hogwarts

I'm away from a Potter's hard fan and yet I was a spell throughout.

Cert 12A

Operating time 134 minutes

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