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A mysterious glowing light on Mars captured by the Nasa curiosity catheter


A photo taken by Nasa's curiosity traveler on Mars has captured a mysterious bright glow on a distant slop of Mars.

Black and white photography shows the landscape of the desert with high rocky hills in the background.

In front of the larger rocky formations, a small elongated white spot appears to penetrate the past.

Nasa has previously recognized similar anomalies in the images taken by the examiner. This image was taken on June 16, and while conspiracy theorists reported that the photo is a proof of extraterrestrials on the Red Planet, it seems more likely to be a cosmic ray, some kind of camera lens bend or sunlight that reflects on rocks.

The curiosity runner landed on Mars surface in 2012 and was armed with 17 cameras. Since then it has been roaming all over the globe, delivering huge amounts of data along with huge amounts of photos. Many other images that he has recorded have also displayed irregular lights.

The rover has two mounted "navcams" in his web, which act as a stereo camera pair – just like the eyes. Black and white images capture 3D panoramic images and each has a 45 degree field of view, giving ground control crews a detailed picture of the planet's soil.

This image was taken from the correct navcam. Unfortunately, the left camera did not look in the same direction and pictures from the same row and time show that it has turned down to get some kind of selfie space, showing parts of the boat over rocks and dust on the ground.

The image from the left of curiosity navcam at the same time shows that the boat was trying to get self-portrait over the Martian soil (Nasa)

The appearance and disappearance of the unknown white spot appears to be rapid as the photos taken immediately before and after do not show the same unknown phenomenon.

When another bright spot recorded in pictures taken by the rover made headlines in 2014, people claimed it was "light from a foreign hut".

But Justin Maki, the leader of the group that created and exploited the Curiosity websites, quickly put these theories into bed.

He said: "In the thousands of images we have received from curiosity, we see people with bright spots almost every week.

"These can be caused by cosmic rays or sunlight bending over the surfaces of the rocks as the most likely explanations."

Cosmic rays are formed from highly charged atomic particles, often outside our own solar system, which travel in space at almost the speed of light and can produce visual effects upon impact. They are more common in Mars than on Earth because of the subtle atmosphere that does not provide such an effective barrier to cosmic radiation.

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