Trump: The United States opens a new comprehensive agreement with Iran – International Panorama


WASHINGTON, Nov. 3 / TASS /. The United States is ready to conclude a new agreement with Iran, which will not only allow Tehran to procure nuclear weapons, but also all "malicious actions" in the country. This is being confirmed by US President Donald Trump on a Friday urging a new wave on the Islamic Republic on Monday.

"The United States is still open for a new, more comprehensive agreement with Iran, which ultimately closes its path to nuclear weapons, will respond to the whole spectrum of malicious activities and which the Iranian people deserve," the document says. The President also stressed that, until such a treaty is concluded, "historic sanctions remain in force".

"We urge the system to stop its nuclear ambitions, change its destructive behavior, begin to respect the rights of its citizens, and return to honest talks and support our allies in this endeavor," said the US leader.

On 8 May, Trump announced that Washington would renounce the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on the Iranian Atom – this agreement was concluded in 2015 and limited Tehran's nuclear development to sanctioning the UN Security Council and abolishing unilateral restrictive measures imposed by the US and the EU . Trump promised not only to return the previous sanctions, but to introduce new ones, and the Foreign Ministry announced Washington's intention in this regard to reduce Iran's revenue from oil extraction.

The first part of the American sanctions continued after the night of August 7, these restrictive measures specifically related to the Iranian automotive industry, gold and many metal trades. The remaining sanctions, including measures against the Iranian oil sector, will come into effect on 5 November.


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