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A member of the legendary group "The American Response" at The Beatles is dead

It is known that ten years ago it was diagnosed with one of the types of cancer – adenoid cystic carcinoma. After that, the artist underwent a business to remove a malignant tumor and continued his musical career.

Former bass guitarist and singer for the legendary band The Monkees Peter Tork died at the age of 77, according to a Facebook account on Friday, February 22nd.

"With heavy and broken hearts, we report the most upsetting news that our friend, mentor, professor and simply a wonderful man, Peter Tork, died," says a statement signed by family, friends and colleagues.

Peter Tork

Tork began playing at The Monkees since his inception in 1965. Originally, the band was created by the NBC television channel for filming the same name series on the rocker's daily routines, which came out of the popularity of The Beatles . However, the band soon began to live its own life – it began to release songs and tours.

The team recorded many records, starting from the debut (1966), the first five of which have always gone to the top. The total circulation of the team – more than 65 million copies.

Peter Tork

Earlier it was reported that American actress Winnie Vella, known for the The Clan Soprano series, Martin Scorsese's "Casino" and Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee and Cigarettes" died in the US at the age of 72.

The family published a message about the death of Vella on its official Facebook page. The actor died on February 20th from liver cancer. "We are sad about the news that Winnie Vella has died and I'm sure no one is sad than that more than that," said one of Vella's relatives in the social network.

Winnie Vella played the role of Artie Piscano in Martin Casino Scorsese's "Casino", released in 1995. In the "The Sopranos Clan" series he played Jimmy Petrilli, in this performance he was shot from 1999 to 2004. Winnie Total Vella played more than 50 episode film roles.

Remember that a famous rock singer and judge of the Voice program died.

As Politeka said, the famous rock musician farewell to life in the air.

Politeka also wrote that the famous Russian rock musician had passed.


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