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Tayanna made a statement about participating in the national selection for "Eurovision 2019"

Tayanna made a statement on participation in the National Selection Tayanna denied the rumors of a secret commitment.

The Hungarian singer Tayanna, less known as Tatyana Reshetnyak, surprised the announcement of the national Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. The actor, who for two years in a row tried to enter an international competition, doubtfully commented on her participation in the show.

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In February, in Ukraine, the expected performance will be overshadowed by the National Choice of Eurovision 2019. As in previous years, popular singers will fight for the opportunity to present the country in an international show. Tayanna in the "High Life" program admitted that after 2 years of struggle to win the national selection she did not know whether she would come to the project. However, Andrei Danilko knows the answer to this question.

It seems to me that you have to ask Danilko about it, "said Tayanna ambiguously.

Then the artist explained her comment. According to her, after the national selection of "Eurovision 2018" Andrei Danilko admitted that if she had not participated in the jury, Tayanna would have gone to an international competition. Because of this, the star noted that only participating in the national selection depends on a charismatic producer and artist.

In addition, Tayanna denied the rumors of secret engagement. Talk about the upcoming marriage of Tatiana Reshetnyak appeared after the photo was published in a wedding dress. However, the artist assured that this does not mean anything, but with such shoots attempts to "predict marriage."

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"I am prophesying myself: it is first time that they go to the apartment first, look at them to meditate and see them in the future, but also try bridal gowns to make a marriage for myself," Tahnania added.

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