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Spanish Super Cup. Real Sociedad – Barcelona 1: 1; pen: 2: 3. The most difficult route ᐉ UA-Football

Lionel Messi was not included in the petition for the match, but that does not mean that “Barca” was ready to play carelessly. The “Blaugranas” players moved very strongly on the field, Ronald Koman was traditionally worried in the technical field and the bench after De Jong’s goal (running forward) exploded with applause. All signs of real concern.

Spanish Super Cup.  Real Sociedad - Barcelona 1: 1;  pen: 2: 3. The most difficult route - picture 1

Indeed, if we already had to enter the field, then there is no point in cheating. “Real Sociedad” started, like the opponent, in a hurry. It was created in the first place with the efforts of Isak. Then he intensified the attack with a moment of Porto. And he completed the initial attack with a kick by Le Norman. The coach of Real Sociedad can regret the poor performance.

Later, Isak once again stressed the advantage of the Basques in the number of possible scores. But Barça did not fall. Langley was the first to break the relaxation and was followed by hits from Brightwhite, Griezmann and Dembele. We can say that the halftime was played in a draw, however, “Blaugranas” went one step further thanks to the ability to develop combinations in a small area of ​​the field. Brightwhite made a separate pass to Griezmann, who sent from the finish line to De Jong, and Frankie, just in front of the ball, managed to arch his back and hit his head – 1: 0.

Spanish Super Cup.  Real Sociedad - Barcelona 1: 1;  pen: 2: 3. The most difficult route - picture 2

Nothing changed radically in the match after the goal. Isak missed another chance, though he should not have reprimanded – Stegen played well. “Barça” organized such a course of the struggle. Completely.

However, at the beginning of the second half, Koeman’s plan collapsed. “Blaugranas” organized an attack, which the Basques easily repulsed and continued the attack. Oyarzabal made a run for the goal on the left hand side, and hit the ball to Frenkie De Jong. As he was in the penalty area and there was a movement of his hand towards the ball, the referee was forced to impose a penalty. Oyarsabal executed the sentence clearly.

The Basques had no plans to stop there. There was a desire of “Real Sociedad” to go further, but the opponent took the initiative. The shots of De Jong, Griezmann and Dembele shouted for the desire of the Catalans to win this match in regulation time.

Imanol’s accusations, in turn, had already proceeded with caution, realizing that they could face a response … There was fear of the rear, and the forces gradually left the group. We did not risk it, because there were few chances at the finish line of the main hour. Like Barca. Unless Pedri’s shot is impressive with his cunning – Remiro pulls out from under the crossbar.

In extra time, the game was equal and very chaotic. Each group lost their harmony. In such a case, one could use the spaces between the lines, but this requires a combination game. However, the moments, in turn, arose only as a result of successful individual actions.

Spanish Super Cup.  Real Sociedad - Barcelona 1: 1;  pen: 2: 3. The most difficult route - picture 3

Ter Stegen pulled the ball from the crossbar with extra effort after Saldua shot and Barça responded with Dembele’s attempt. Although the effort was not enough – from an advantage point, the Frenchman shot weakly into the hands of the goalkeeper.

The last flash during the game came in the middle of the second extra half. Barça won the right to a free kick, during which Griezmann almost reached the goal in the game. Surprisingly, “Real Sociedad” repeated the same trick: also confusion, also trying to push the ball into the goal from close range, the goalkeeper also became an obstacle. When Oyarsabal flanked, but hit successfully, fatigue was already responsible. And the fate of the ticket to the final could only be determined by a penalty – the doubts about that disappeared when Januzaj “loaded” the position from a free kick through the fingers of Ter Stegen.

There, on the penalty spot, his own mini-drama took place. “Real Sociedad” did not turn the first three hits, but Griezmann, having the opportunity to finish, foolishly reached higher. So Ricky Puchu had to finish – and he did it great. 2: 3.

Barça in the final. But I went there along the most complicated route.

Spanish Super Cup.  Real Sociedad - Barcelona 1: 1;  pen: 2: 3. The most difficult route - picture 4

Spanish Super Cup. Semi-final
Cordoba. “New Arcangel”
Referee on the field – Jose Munuera Montero

Real Sociedad – “Barcelona” 1: 1; pen: 2: 3
Objectives: Oyarsabal 51 (pen) – De Jong 39

Penalty: Bautista (-) (goalkeeper), Oyarzabal (-) (goalkeeper), Jose (-) (post), Merino (+), Januzaj (+) – De Yog (-) (barbell), Double (+), Piano (+), Griezmann (-) (above), Mug (+)

Real Sociedad: Remiro – Gorosabel (Saldua 90, Bautista 120 + 1), Subeldia, Le Norman, Montreal – Merino, Guevara (Subimendi 106), Guridi (Barrenechea 81) – Porto (Januzaj 103), Isak (Jose 90), Oyarzabal

“Barcelona”: ter Stegen – Mingesa (Firpo 114), Langle, Araujo, Alba – Pedri, Busquets (Puch 90), De Jong (Pjanic 90) – Griezmann, Brightweit (Trinkao 78), Dembele

Warnings: Le Norman 58 – Dembele 54, Mingesa 97

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