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Sexual scandal with police officer Varchenko and student Bureiko – all details

Collage RBC-Ukraine

Collage RBC-Ukraine

The incident with insults and threats against the student by the alleged police officer

The intense sexual scandal associated with student charges Natalia Boureic vs. National Police Officer Alexander Varzhenko has gained new details.

Thus, after the publication of the KPI student's appeal in the media, many Ukrainians suggested that the page in which the publication was published is false. It is true that the well-known blogger and lawyer Klim Bratkovsky doubts this.

"Many journalists have a question – to print news about sex scandal or not, fake or not? It is assumed that a fake account for a girl is not, I doubt the girl is real There are two places: there could be a false Tinder account – yes, it could, but it has to prove, "said Klim on Facebook.

However, MEP Anton Gerashchenko stressed that Varschenko and Boureico were victims of a well-intentioned and cynical challenge. The politician recalled that Natalia is working on a modeling agency and that an employee of the Department of Financial Protection of the National Police is married and has a 12 year old son.

Natalya Bureiko (photo: Bureiko)

Correspondence began with a traditional flirtation, but then the directors of this challenge began threatening Natalia on behalf of Varchenko, emphasizing that as a member of the security forces she could deal with the girl using her official position. As a result, Natalia was led to despair and made a public statement that he was threatened by a National Police official, "Gerashchenko told his Facebook page and urged social network users to" critically think and not believe everything they write there ".

According to the former head of the Ministry of the Interior, the provocateurs wanted to "trample the Varchenko family, considering how important is the position of his wife (Olga Varchenko – the first deputy head of the ADB – Ed.)" And " start another wave of hatred in society towards the National Police. "

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At the same time, Alexander Varzhenko himself spoke about the situation, saying that he and his family had been subject to a monstrous information attack. Varkenko said that "he never knew and did no correspondence to any messenger with Natalia Boureic."

"I do not exclude that hackers created an account using my pictures and this provocative correspondence with Natalia Bureiko was conducted by him. I think this information attack is linked to the fact that my common law husband, Olga Varchenko, is the first deputy head of the State Bureau of Investigations for many, publicly told about the challenges and dirty media attacks, I suspect this is just the beginning … I love my family and I will not allow anyone to use the my name for average challenges, "said Var EHKO.

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Screenshot of the post ( Varchenko)

Incidentally, arguing that the challenge was to defame Olga Varzhenko, Brackovski does not entirely agree.

"The pressure on his wife is nonsense, does not affect his spouse, may like her, there is no obvious false position, such sexual scandals are common, for example, a good family man, a SBU officer proved pedophile, with girls in VKontakte "- said the blogger.

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In any case, the police are now discovering who and for what purpose they are intimidating Natalia Bureico.

"Natalia is not threatened by the National Police, but the police will do their utmost to find the attackers who have done this dirty, cynical challenge," said Gerashenko.

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It is recalled that the Kiev student Natalia Boureic accused the deputy head of the National Police Protection Department, Aleksandar Varzhenko, of obvious harassment, followed by threats of retaliation. She also wrote a photo of a flower bouquet and a box of chicken legs, which the official allegedly sent to her.

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Explanatory photo (photo: Bureiko)

Earlier, it was reported that within two years, the Google campaign sacked 48 employees because of alleged sexual harassment.

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