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"Celta" could not do anything with the Madrid club.

"Celta" – "Real" – 2: 4 (0: 1)

Goals: Benzema, 23 (0: 1). Cabral, 56 – at their gates (0: 2). Malo, 61 (1: 2). Sergio Ramos, 83 – from penalty spot (1: 3). Ceballos, 90 + 1 (1: 4). Mendez, 90 + 4 (2: 4).

"Celta": Alvarez, Mallo, Roncaglia, Cabral, Hunka, Mendez, Beltran (63), Okay Yokuslu, Bufal (Yulsager, 63), Aspas, Gomez.

"Real": Courtois, Audriosola, Nacho (Asencio, 71), Sergio Ramos, Regilon (Sanchez, 45 + 1), Kroos, Casemiru (Ceballos 19), Modric, L. Vasquez, Benzema, Bale.

Warnings: Regilon, 37. Cabral, 40. Mallo, 41. Hunk, 44. Sanchez, 53.

Deletion: Cabral, 87.

The judge: Undiano Malenco.

November 11 Vigo Stage "Balaidos".

Acting coach

October 28, "Real" suffered a humiliating defeat in the classic (1: 5), and instead of Julen Lopetegui temporarily directs "creamy" was invited by Madrid's double Santiago Solari. The prefix "acting" could be in front of the name of Argentina for only two weeks – at the end of this period, the Royal Club leadership had to decide on a new coach. It was obvious that Solari was one of the potential candidates, so he depended on the results of the team in the next races.

Four checks

During these two weeks, the Argentine specialist had to pass four checks. At first glance is not the most difficult – "Melilla" in the Spanish Cup, "Valladolid" and "Celta" in the championship and "Victoria" Plzen in the Champions League – but "Real" with Lopetegi this season could not cope much lighter exercises, so a very optimistic approach to the case is not worth it.

Additional incentive

In the first three races, "Real" with Solari not only did not lose points – he did not lose a goal (+ 3 = 0-0, 11: 0). It remains the fourth game, perhaps the most difficult – in Vigo against "Celts". Last season, "Celta" grabbed the "creamy" draw in a home game (2: 2), defeating Atletico (2: 0) in "Balaidos". In the remaining games of the current championship, the Galician people are not shining, but a meeting with a team like Real Madrid is always an additional incentive. Therefore, it was worth waiting for problems.

Injuries to Casemiru and Regilon

The problems really started – the hosts were so charged to fight that they sometimes played too hard and even crap. In less than 20 minutes, Solari had already been forced to replace – a Brazilian left football on the back of Caserruro without football for an indefinite period (after a perforated ankle fight) and Seballos appeared on the court. At the end of the first half, Regilon stumbled, replaced by Javi Sanchez, and another defender in Varan, Marcel and Carvajal was added to his Real Madrid clinic.

Benzema's activity

So far, the drivers were already in the spotlight: the excellent passage from Modrica Benzema was tamped from the first touch, the second the goal, the fifth for the French in this championship. Shortly after the break, he was also directly involved in the second "creamy" goal – after the blow, the ball rose from the bar to Cabral's head and landed on Celta's net. "The Royal Club" confidently controlled the game in a difficult field where the players of both teams slipped and lost their balance from time to time.


However, Celta is known for not giving up arms – especially at home. Within five minutes of Cabral's goal, the guests reduced the delay – Maliot fell to the corner far beyond Courtois. Soon Solari had to make a third unplanned replacement – the injured Nacho gave his place in the Asensio field and Vasquez had to go to the left side of the defense.

Directly instead of a segment

And yet "Real" did not lose him. Ramos from the penalty spot, Seballos from the game (already in the majority – after Cabral's second yellow card), and Brais put the final score of the match at the time of the match. 4-2 and Solari finished the two-week cut with the prefix "acting" with a result of one hundred percent (+ 4 = 0-0, 15: 2 balls). Four victories in the series in Real Madrid this season were not once. Perhaps the president of "Real" Florentino Perez will not forget it when it is time to choose a new coach.

Because after such a segment Solari deserved a greater part of the "creamy" equal.

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