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Pugaceva ignored the little marriage of her nephew


Pugaceva ignored the little marriage of her nephew

Photo by Ivan MAKEEV / KP.RU.

Vlad and Ghel were in everyday clothes.

33-year-old nephew of Alla Pugacheva Vlad married beloved Guzel. The girl is 34, she arrived in the capital from Kazan, where she left her 14-year-old son. I have a job as an accountant. About wedding in the registry office Petrovsky told KP.RU and Starhit. It is reported that the first dona on the feast was not.

"A week after my meeting with Guzel, I made a bid," Pugachev told KP.

The girl added that only three days after the meeting the guy talked about the famous aunt.

– At first I did not believe him, I thought he was joking. Vlad conquered me with his kindness. Today we just signed up. I got my husband's name. Now I'm also Pugachev. The marriage has been transferred so far due to the state of health of Vlad, – noted the groom.

The young man before painting said he was very anxious. Before marriage, I could only sleep at six in the morning.

– Overclocking to the background of heat was, therefore, we decided to manage the record so far, – added Vlad. – I guzel almost 15 years invented. And it was invented, visualized, found. This is my flesh. I'm very happy with her.

The guy and his beloved are dressed in a modest way. She is in a blue shirt and dark trousers, she is in a pink dress on her knee.

– I'm indifferent to the rich white dresses. Many have suggested choosing a regular wedding dress, but I did not want to. Still, the ceremony will be moderate, without a slog. The dress was chosen on the eve of the wedding, at the same time I bought a shirt for the groom, the girl told reporters.

The silver rings were bought the day before the ceremony. The restaurant does not plan to go. Pugatsev said he did not need a wonderful celebration.

Before Guzel, Vlad had a political family with a woman from Ryazan, but the relationship ended badly. With anger, the guy went to Moscow and met the same day with his future husband.

– In the Ryazan area lived with a woman, but the family did not work. One afternoon I put my stuff and hurried back to Moscow. The mood was bad – I decided to have fun at the billiard room. And the guards wanted to remove their car, because when I was walking, I stumbled. Explains that not drunk, but no effect. They called the authorities – the chief accountant. Guzel relaxed the balloons. And we met, – I remembered the guy.

The girl helped Vladimir overcome discouragement and alcoholism – the cause of the controversy with her aunt.

Why does not Prima Bonna come in?

Alla Borisovna with a nephew has not contacted for a long time. Four years ago, she issued the custody of her son Genesa-Vlad from her first marriage. He, like Diva, red, very similar to her aunt.

Yevgeny Pugachev, Sr. (brother of the singer) died seven years ago. He struggled with Vlad's addictions. He worked for drug addiction in private clinics, first to his father, and after his death a divine star.

During the treatment, the guy met twice convicted (for theft and car robbery) Victoria Fadeeva. The lady was ten years older but became his wife and was born in Zenia.

Pugacheva helped the spouses with money, but in 29 years Pugachev injected unsuccessfully. He has hit a nerve and stopped walking, his hands refused. Also, his wife unsuccessfully introduced the substance and fell into a coma. Since then, Pugachev has taken care of his brother's grandson. The child lives with Pugacheva's assistant, Igor Polskova, and the weekend passes to the star castle.

The artist also helped her nephew by sending it to Israeli doctors. In the capital, he returned healthy, without bad habits. Pugacheva gave him an apartment near the metro station "airport", made repairs there.

Vlad met with a new love – Katia, wanted to get married. Relationships do not grow together, under the influence of emotions, passed the apartment and went to Ryazan.


A humorist and presenter Maxim Galkin denied rumors that he and his wife But Pugaceva are building a huge home in Cyprus.

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