Thursday , January 28 2021

Media: in the village near Poltava against the will of the residents of the area, a monument of Lenin was demolished | In the world Policy

Moscow, November 12 – AIF-Moscow.

Lenin's monument was demolished in the village of Krupoderintsy in Poltava, despite the protests of the local population, according to TASS referring to the Ukrainian media.

It is noted that earlier the issue of the dismantling of the monument under the deportation law was submitted to the meeting of the village council Krupoderins in the Orzhitsky region. Local MPs did not support the demolition. Moreover, the "explanatory" work carried out by the higher authorities with the peasants and the head of the village council has not changed anything.

The local police said in the meantime that Lenin's bust was not on the village's balance sheet and was not the "owner" and therefore there was no criminal offense in the actions of village officials but there were indications of a disciplinary offense for failing to obey the mandate of the chief of the regional state administration Poltava. The Militiamen also said they did not know who, on the night of November 11, threw the bust along with the podium.

The revival of the mass demolition of the monuments in Lenin in Ukraine began in the days of the coup in the winter of 2014. In the context of the "de-communization" in the country, until August 2017, all the listed monuments to the head of the world proletariat were dismantled.

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