Thursday , April 15 2021

Maksakova said she gave birth to her only daughter, now she has avoided her mother

Maria Makakova still can not establish relationships with her older children, Ilia and Liutmila. Now they live with their grandmother and do not intend to communicate with their fugitives. In addition, Luda did not even mention the artist when congratulating her on her birthday.

However, according to Maria Makakova, it was not easy to give birth to her only daughter 13 years ago. The last months of pregnancy were the most difficult for the expectant mother.

“Bronchitis started, I was coughing up blood … At the same time, I did not want to poison the fetus with antibiotics and suffer. Thank God, Luzenka was born healthy. “He had a very small umbilical cord: only twenty centimeters,” recalls Maria Maksakova, who was born in Germany.

Returning to Moscow three weeks later, her husband did not even come to meet her at the airport, only her son Ilya hugged the singer. Husband Vladimir Tyurin was against Maksakova’s career.

Recently, on Lyudmila’s birthday, Maria sent her a congratulatory poem. But there was no answer from Lucy. But the singer does not despair of establishing communication with children, but currently lives in Kiev with her youngest son, who was born in wedlock to Denis Voronenkov.

“I have to endure cold and slaps on the part of the children. Forcing them to humiliate me as a mother is immoral and well-founded. “It is a disgusting situation when I have to ask the children to contact me”, the artist admitted in an interview with the “Interlocutor” publication.

Remember that Maria Makakova recently visited Russia. Unlike the fans, the family greeted the opera singer, to put it mildly, cool. Later, Maria protested on Radio “KP” about the indifference of those close to her.

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