Thursday , April 15 2021

Liza Vasilenko – the actress is outraged by the fact that she entered the “pacifist” base – UNIAN

Vasilenko is called “provocative” on the “pacifier” website.

Vasilenko reacted to his introduction

Vasilenko reacts to joining “Peacemaker” /

Actress and blogger Liza Vasilenko in Instagram stories reacted to the fact that she was added to the “Peacemaker” base and was named provocative.

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But he got there after the words “it is better to die in Russia than in Ukraine.” The girl noted that she is not obliged to love the country in which she was born and raised. And the “integrated media” inflated everything.

How it all started:

On March 31, an interview with Lisa Vasilenko was published on the Youtube channel “Pushka”, in which the star “School”, among other things, talked about the difficulties of moving from Ukraine to Moscow, where she left to build a career, in particular, at tiktok house Xo Team …

“But when something bad happens to me, I always think: it ‘s better to die here than in Ukraine,” she said.

According to Vasilenko, after the move, she faced a negative reaction from her management, but does not consider it reasonable. He also noted that in Russia there are many more opportunities to succeed and, in particular, to make money on TikTok.

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