Friday , October 22 2021

Ivan Krasko will not appear on stage after a minor injury


However, artist Ivan Krasko has already managed to visit the Komissarzhevskaya Theater after leaving the hospital.

Ivan Krasko. Photo: Global Look Press

Ivan Krasko, 90, was recently discharged from hospital, where he ended up with minor illness in late August. Ivan Ivanovich planned to take the stage at the Komissarzhevskaya Theater, where he serves, this Friday, September 10th.

Ivan Krasko is busy with the show “I came back”. In the morning he even came to the gathering of the troupe. But as it became known, Ivan Ivanovich will not appear on stage yet.

“Ivan Ivanovich was at our corpse collection today,” the Komissarzhevskaya’s press service said. – He really will not take part in the project. We decided to keep it safe. “

According to director Ivan Krasko Vyacheslav Smorodinov, the elderly artist does not feel very well after a minor uprising.

“Ivan Ivanovich is not feeling well, he has a weakness,” director Vyacheslav Smorodinov told KP-Petersburg. – he really wanted to sleep. So I decided to relax at home. “

Remember that on the eve of he told his readers the vision problems that Ivan Krasko had after a stroke. The actor started to look very bad.

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