Monday , October 25 2021

In Kiev, C14 activists required air carriers to respect the ATO fighters


In Kiev, C14 activists required air carriers to respect the ATO fightersToday we launched all the defenders to sell free tickets.

C14 activists, as well as veterans of war with Russia, staged a concert at the central bus station – they called for respect for ATO fighters and also called for control of the operations of businesses that arrived in Donetsk, Lugansk, Moscow, writes referring to

"The C14 activists, the War Veterans Association with Russia, the Veterans Brotherhood, the ATO Veterans Veterans Association of Kiev and other veterans visited the Bus Station," Mazur wrote.

He also named the reasons for the action: regular refusals (often brutal) of free transfer of fighters. businesses traveling illegally in the occupied area and Russia; False Cabinet ads at the box office that fighters have to offset 50% of ticket costs.

According to him, "they managed to communicate with the Bus Station leadership, which, despite whatever evidence, refused his guilt, ran and closed in the closets."

However, according to the words, there is an effect.

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"At this time, all defenders began selling tickets for free.All bogus ads disappeared promised to check the activities of companies that ran in Donetsk, Lugansk, Moscow etc. Attract attention, brought a kipish and just will not let it alone "he wrote.

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