Thursday , April 15 2021

First championship. Without a shot on goal, the Agro-company gets points from Bayrak (1: 1) ᐉ UA-Football

Only one goalkeeper in the application was forced to go to the “Alliance” match. But Konstantin Yaroshenko returned after injury, as did a rare visitor to the post-winter base, Vladislav Saray, who replaced Stanislav’s brother, who had been ruled out at the start.

Agrobusiness had a rather strange composition, in the center of defense, together with Igor Kurylo, Arsen Slotiuk came out against the team of Alexander Chizhevsky, but in the middle the mentor trusted Evgeny Nemtinov, not a frequent visitor of the base. But this time the Volos came out with a clear forward Bogdan Sements in the spotlight, but Ruslan Chernenko now acted from the depths.

It is true that the debut remained with the owners, who clearly felt comfortable on their pitch. Yaroshenko’s long-range attacks were not successful, but Vladislav Saray asked Andrei Gert for a transfer from Mozil and already brought the Alliance forward at the end of half an hour. For the rest of the first half, the visitors did nothing in the attack. Lipodolintsy completely controlled the course of the fight and of course went to the break with an advantage.

Ivan Glyviy’s exit was already read at the opening of the second half. Nevertheless, even after that, Agrobusiness for a long time was toothless in completing the attacks. The first shot on goal by the non-main goalkeeper of “Alliance” was never made. Yaroshenko decided to strengthen the defense and instead of his son, Konstantinos, released Alexander Lutsik. In the end, Yuriy Romanyuk also walked away, which made Agrobusiness’s chances imaginable – they could only hope for a stray blow after one of the few standards set by the guests.

The hosts had a real chance to increase the score, Vyacheslav Podnebennoy won a penalty in a collision with a defender. It is true that Zaginailov failed to realize this, breaking dynamically, but at the crossroads. The penalty kick was immediately followed by Vitaly Grusha ‘s shot from outside the box, which bounced off the post of Efanov’s back and into the net. No matter how much the home team claimed, the referee counted the ball. So, instead of 2: 0, the score became 1: 1 and the teams finished with it in the scoreboard.

Alliance – Georgia 1: 1 (1: 0)
: Sharay V. (28) – Pear (85)
In the 80th minute, Zaginailov missed a penalty (cross
ALLIANCE: Efanov, Pikul, Gert, Pisny, Rogozinsky, Lebedenko, Pidnebennoy, Yaroshenko (Luchik 64), Agapov (Sidorenko 83), Sharai V., Zubkov (Zaginailov 64).
Agriculture: Mozil, Romanyuk, Kurylo, Slotyuk, Boychuk I., Dumanyuk, Nemtinov (Grusha 47), Kohut N., Chernenko, Kohut I., Semenets (Glyvy 56).
Warning: Pisny (12), Rogozinsky (68) – Dumanyuk (40), Romanyuk (47, 76), Chernenko (54), Grusha (85)
Deletion: Romanyuk (76)

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