Saturday , January 23 2021

Defects found on iPhone X and MacBook Pro 13, which ones, Apple what to do to eliminate

According to the company, some iPhone X may be experiencing problems with the touch screen due to the failure of the monitor component. The manufacturer said smartphones may not respond to a touch and, on the contrary, perform actions without touching. Note that coping with these problems, owners of the iPhone X can replace the screen for free.

In addition, Apple reported potential loss of data and hard drive malfunction in some MacBook Pro 13, which were sold from July 2017 to June 2018.

The company has advised owners to communicate with Apple's service centers as soon as possible to eliminate defects.

Apple wants to create batteries that are not afraid of temperature changes

For many years, Apple mobile apple owners have complained that iPhones can shut down at low temperatures. Previously, third-party manufacturers released special "warm" covers for Apple's smartphones. However, as recently reported, Cupertino is considering the possibility of a more radical solution to this problem. Judging from one of Apple's patents, engineers are considering creating a battery that will not react so strongly to the outside environment. A new type of battery should prevent spontaneous disconnection of the devices. This development can be used not only on the iPhone, but on other iPad devices from the iPad to the MacBook.

The main difficulty in creating a "resilient" battery is its size. By reducing the overall dimensions of the battery, it is worse opposed to external factors. However, Cupertino engineers have found a possible solution to this problem.

Apple has received a patent for smart headphones

The American company Apple will start developing "smart" headphones that define the human ear. The US Patent and Trademark Office has already granted the company's patent application. Thanks to the new feature, the owners of headphones should not look for markers L (left) and R (right). The algorithms independently adjust the sound to the right ear. In addition, developers are planning to eliminate the external noises that previous users of the headphones have complained about.

The timing of the release of the new parts, as well as their cost, is not mentioned in the document.

Earlier, Channel 5 reported that Apple AirPods wireless headphones will soon be a serious competitor. Huawei prepares to launch the FreeBuds 2 Pro headphones, which can be simply charged by plugging it into the Mate 20 Pro smartphone.

Apple's record revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018

Apple's net profit for the year ended September 29, 2018 amounted to $ 59.5 billion, more than 10 billion last year, according to a company report.

According to, Apple's earnings in the fourth quarter of this year amounted to $ 14.1 billion (about $ 2.91 per share). Last year, the same index was 32% lower.

The total profit for the year 2018 exceeded 59.5 billion dollars. During the reporting period, the company managed to sell 46.8 million smartphones, approximately 9.7 million tablets and more than 5 million laptops.

According to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, this quarter can be called a record. He noted that over the past two months, the company has achieved an incredible result, all thanks to the introduction of new products and four operating systems. According to forecasts for the 2019th year, the company's revenue should reach 89-93 billion dollars.

However, following the publication of the report, Apple's stock price was still down – 6.55%, to $ 207.67 per share. The capitalization also fell short. Less than a trillion dollars.

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