Brent crude oil rose to $ 67 a barrel


As a result of the continued decline in oil production by OPEC, oil prices have started to rise. About this newspaper reports Reuters. On Feb. 22, Brent's quotes added 0.73% to $ 67.56 after rising to $ 67.6 a barrel, a new record since the beginning of this year. Also increased the cost of a WTI grade – by 0.93% to $ 57.49.

Another reason for the rise in oil prices is that the US and China will soon be able to resolve trade disputes. Washington is currently negotiating between the two countries. According to their results, it will be decided whether to introduce reciprocal import duties for US and Chinese products from 1 March. Experts from Forex Club are confident that if this does not happen, the global economy is waiting for growth. And this will support energy demand.

People started to produce less oil. Prices are rising

The Energy Information Service (US) noted that the further rise in oil prices was limited only to oil production data in the United States, which last week rose 12 million barrels a day for the first time.

Analysts believe oil production in the United States will continue to rise and oil companies will increase their exports.

Earlier, the largest banks in the world predicted a decline in production and an increase in Brent prices, on average, to $ 70 a barrel. Barclays Plc experts also said that, in the absence of a severe economic downturn, global oil consumption will continue to grow at the same rate as in recent years. Mainly because of developing countries like China.

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