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Black Friday – where to buy Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 12 cheaper / НВ

Choice of smartphone for the sale of Black Friday (Photo: halfpoint / Depositphotos)

Black Friday is inevitably approaching. Huge discounts and generous sales are waiting for you. It’s time to update your smartphone.

Whether it is the new iPhone 12 or someone cheap «Chinese “- is the Black Friday November sales that will be a great opportunity to buy a new smartphone and save a lot at the same time.

Better not miss this opportunity.

NV Shopping got some great deals in online stores in Ukraine.

This content will be updated with new discounts closer to Black Friday.

Apple iPhone 11 64 GB

26499 22999 грн

With the release of the iPhone 12, previous iPhones began to decline. And this is a great opportunity to buy them at a discount. Although, traditionally for Apple, the differences between the new generation and the previous one are not at all striking, this step seems quite justified.

When you buy an iPhone 11 today, you can save a lot, but you are not at all marginalized compared to those who pay more for the iPhone 12.

You will not notice the difference in design at all, as you are probably using a case. The camera is still up to date, the performance of the processor is quite adequate.

You can buy the Apple iPhone 11 with a discount of over UAH 3000 here.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 6/128 GB

19999 17999 грн

Samsung released this model in September, just before the launch of Apple and the Galaxy S20 FE is a well-calculated hit for the iPhone 12.

These are direct competitors. And Samsung seems a lot more advantageous in many ways – Always on screen, camera by camera, fast charging … Finally, there’s the charger, which Apple can’t brag about.

From Apple – as always, reputation, image element, ecosystem etc.

If you are still closer to the world of Android, then you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at a discount of 2000 UAH here.

Apple iPhone SE 64 GB

16999 14999 грн

New iPhone SE this year – budget (by Apple standards) and compact (at least until the iPhone 12 Mini) smartphone arrives.

To create it, Apple completely passed the “bottom”. The design of the iPhone 8 is compressed on the iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr camera.

The model did not become the best seller, but it sells well overall.

With the discount, the price of the iPhone SE looks attractive. For such money, in “Androids” you will not find any protection from water, nor wireless charging, nor a top processor that easily pulls games.

In addition, the iPhone SE is the most affordable «entry point “into the world of Apple smartphones. Unless, of course, you want a new one and not a used iPhone.

You can buy the Apple iPhone SE at a discount of 2000 UAH at this link.

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