Autocephaly for Ukraine, the ROC can be sanctioned


The Russian Orthodox Church may lose its suicide if it is resistant The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is autophagy. This was stated in the BBC's interview by the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Archbishop of Telmis Job.

In the interview with the Air Force, Archbishop John stressed that the world over in Constantinople and no one other than judges or voters.

"XVI Ecumenical Patriarch XVI received a Patriarchal Status of the Sixteenth Century and this document clearly states that the bishop of Moscow has the right to call himself a patriarch, provided that he recognizes the patriarch of Constantinople in Fejér" the archbishop said.

He noted that legally, the Ecumenical Patriarch has the absolute right to declare an autophagal, its privilege, but if the ROC has any doubts about it, then he must abandon his own suicide.

He added that some canonists believe that as these new autophiles have been created in the ecumenical patriarchate, at a certain moment, if the ecumenical patriarchate deems it necessary, he can terminate his status.

"We hope that the Russian Orthodox Church will be wiser and return to unity in the ecumenical throne because the ecumenical throne does not want to convey it to him, but if that situation persists for a long time, of course, the ecumenical throne has to make certain choices – Ed. ), Ensuring Unity of the Church, "- the archbishop said, noting the possibility of abolishing the autochemical ROC.

Former recall Bartholomew Ecumenical Patriarch stated the Russian Orthodox Church has no other wayexcept for Constantinople's decisions.

We also wrote The Russian Orthodox Church declared Bartholomew Ecumenical Patriarch "smashes".

At the same time, they reported that the Ecumenical Patriarchate was in no hurry to abolish the ROC and the he continues to pray for Cyril Patriarch.


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