Tuesday , October 19 2021

At Donbas we killed two of our soldiers


At Donbas we killed two of our soldiers

Photo of the press service of the "Azov"

On the last day, November 10, the fighters 10 times opened fire to the positions of our troops. Three times the enemy used weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. This is reported by the OOS press center on Facebook.

The enemy shot in our defensive fortifications in the areas of settlements Novotoshkovskoe, Zolotoe, Novoluganskoye, Peski, Marinka, Taramchuk and Gnutovo.

The fighters targeted fire from various grenade launchers, machine guns, and small arms. In addition, from mortars of 82 and 120 mm in diameter the enemy was shot at the combined forces near Novolugansky. 82 mm mortar invaders used in Novotoshkovsky. The inhabitants showed the biggest fire in Marinka, where our soldiers were stuck three times.

During the measures to prevent the intrusion of the enemy's DRG into space between observatories in the direction of Svetlodarsk, as a result of an explosive device set up by the conquerors, two United States troops died and others were injured.

According to information, the last day, our army destroyed a Russian conqueror, eight more intruders were injured.

Remember, on 9 November, fighters 9 times fired at APU's Donbas positions. As a result of the clashes, two United States soldiers were fatally injured.

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