Apple plans to transfer Macs to its own ARM processors


According to network sources, Apple will soon abandon Intel central processors on iMac personal computers and MacBook laptops for self-powered hybrid chips. Specifically, according to one of Intel's representatives in a private conversation with journalists at the Axios portal, this can happen as early as next year.

Apple A12X Bionic

The Bloomberg version is developing this issue. According to him, the first Mac-based ARM processors will be featured in 2020, and one year later the creation of a unified software ecosystem will be completed. Under which you can create apps that can work on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple A12X Bionic

Apple's advanced brand is the A12X Bionic on iPad Pro 2018. Manufactured according to the 7 nm technology in TSMC capacities, it operates at frequencies up to 2.5 GHz and contains eight physical cores according to the formula: 4 Vortex + 4 production cores energy-efficient central storm.

Apple claims that iPad Pro 2018 tablets are more powerful than 92% of all laptops sold and the graphic part of the A12X Bionic delivers performance at the Xbox S console level. As shown by independent trials of the ArsTechnica portal, this processor is faster than the Intel Core i7-8705G at GeekBench 4. and is not critical behind Intel Core i9-8950HK and Intel Core i7-7700K Desktop.


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