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Annie Lorrach – singer criticized for naked pictures

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Annie Lorac covered her naked body with a blanket and in the second photo she showed a figure in a huge hoodie.

Ani Lorak criticized online /

Ani Lorak criticized online /

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Their singer was posted at Instagram. In the first photograph of Ani Lorak sitting while sitting, she covered her naked body with a blanket or sheet. The picture was praised by various Internet users, but there were also critics.

"Why did this old club be hit?", "Directly dying swan," "Yes, change the makeup artist already," "All the clips – with Lorac's participation – are arrogant, many people have stripped off the nakedness." , "Plastic is a minus", – write on the network.

In the second photo, Ani Lorak put a huge hoodie and showed her legs.

"Crazy," "Lorak has twisted legs," "Well, somehow, in general … it's not something with clothes .. Not according to age or something", "Anya does not wear this style of clothes. I'm not a teen, "" That's why she was naked with her husband, "" Her legs are not hers, "" Well, your chest did very well, it was pulling it loose, write in the social network.

Earlier, Annie Lorrach was defeated in a transparent outfit.

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