actor Halle Berry was first published a long time ago (PHOTOS)


In anticipation of the Occasion in the United States, there are many ceremonies that gather the brightest stars of the show business. And if, for example, singer Lady Gaga did not lose almost any prize, then actress Halle Berry did not often enjoy her fans with public appearances.

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For the first time ever, a celebrity decided to appear on the red carpet only yesterday, February 19th, during the 21st Guild Awards 2019 awards award ceremony in the US.

For a rare expense, 52-year-old Holly chose an impressive dress – the original gold dress by Sebastian Gunawan, which highlighted the subtle form of a star. Brian Atwood's gorgeous sandals and Lilou jewelry complement the look.

Earlier, 52-year-old Halle Berry "wiped" the chest in a wet shirt. Before that, she appeared in a single skirt-packet.


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