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Zayed is present in the consciousness of the people – the last of Dubai

Abu Dhabi, November 7, 2005 (WAM) – Al Akhbar confirmed that the end
Sheikh Zid Bin Sultan Al Nahan "may God want his soul" will remain present in the hearts of men
The region and the world, its great positions and noble humanitarian initiatives remain
His positive impact expanded and became a witness to his genius as an inspired leader who was able to change course
History in the region and in the world and leave a wonderful human heritage of the opening
Tolerance and defense of dialogue between peoples, religions and cultures and rejection of intolerance
And violence.

Below the title "Zayen is present in the consciousness of the peoples" .. He said without a doubt that a feast
"World Youth Forum" in its second edition in Sharm El Sheikh
In the Arab Republic of Egypt Sheikh Zayed as one of the eminent leaders
Worldwide for what has achieved for his homeland and the nation of historical achievements but incorporates the status
The excellent "mercy of God" has been chosen by Shabab
Forum next to each of the late leader Nelson Mandela and the recent President Mohamed
Anwar Sadat as historical figures painted with their positions
Great changes for their countries.

"Said the Emirates Research and Research Center (ECSSR)
Strategy "that the documentary presented at the forum
Sexih's genius "may God have mercy on him" and the qualities of his noble and biographical
A bus of tenderness, obedience and tolerance was a model for the inspired and wise leader
And the cream that used these qualities to serve the causes of his homeland, his people and his nation and gave birth to his biography
His ingenuity is not only in the region but throughout the world. He has pointed out that HH
Sheikh Hamad bin Zayet al-Nakhan, chairman of the court of the Prince of Abu Dhabi,
Received by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Celebrating this occasion – His appreciation of the Youth Forum and his sensitivity
Honoring the late Sheikh Zeee "can God rest his soul" in a gesture to fulfill his journey
And he was grateful for his contributions and initiatives in favor of the country and its people.

Confirmed that Sheikh Zeeid "may have mercy on God for him" will remain the eternal historical symbol and owner
The enormous charisma made by the Emirates rhyme around him and believing in his work
Unity because they felt faith and sincerity and touched a unique model
Leadership does not reiterate much in the age of the people, including empowering authorities and national values
It represents a certain inexhaustible and the creation of the foundations and foundations of the state of the new union
They are still the foundation for everything that the UAE is currently under the ownership of its owner
His Excellency Sheikh Halifa Bin Zayet Al-Najhan, President of the UAE, can protect God from the development
Political, economic and social stability and its initiatives have deepened the dimension
The foreign policy of the UAE and its image abroad has been established as a
A title on human giving.

He said that Sheikh Zayd "may Allah have mercy on him" presented a unique school in relationships
The principles and principles of the foreign policy of the state
One of these is the pursuit of a political friendship and help with the countries and peoples of the world
Everyone and the belief in the need to cooperate and move away from the policy of isolation and to resolve the differences
Through peaceful means, supporting Arab issues and observing international charts
And an approach based on equilibrium in international relations and non-alignment
And move away from the policy of axes, which is the system of principles that strengthened its position
The UAE has established its image in the countries of the world as a supportive and effective force
Promoting security, development, stability and peace at regional level
And international.

"The news of the hour", the conclusion of her writing .. What characterizes him
Sheikh Zayed "can God rest the soul of" wisdom in dealing with foreign affairs
Calm and balance in seeking solutions in various Arab crises
Regional and regional positions to support Arab and Islamic solidarity
And its permanent demand for peace, security and stability in the region and in the world
And its rich heritage from human values ​​that support the values ​​of openness and tolerance
And coexistence between peoples, religions, cultures and cultures is different
The need to tackle the tendencies of intolerance and extremism facing the world has now been opened
His name is in the historical record as one of the great leaders who changed the course of history
The Gulf region and left immortal footprints that always made them visible to Vidjan
The peoples.

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