Saturday , February 27 2021

Zamalek: We won the battle of Saint-Etienne and scored a goal

Essam Salem, a spokesman for Zamalek, said: “Zamalek’s coach put Mostafa Mohamed and Ferjani Sassi on the El Gouna squad today, noting that the El Gouna match will be difficult, especially as he has a strong performance during of the current season and is ranked third in the league.

Top of the league
He added during a telephone interview with “Ontime Stadium” program presented by Saif Zahir on the channel “Ontime Sport”, that Zamalek is currently trying to invest the secretariat of the Al-Ahly club with Al-Ahly Bank to enter only the top of the league.

Saint Etienne
He confirmed that Zamalek had permanently closed the Saint-Etienne archive and that the door to the professionalism of Mustafa Mohamed would not be opened at this French club following the recent crisis over the Commission’s allegations by the club’s president.

Mustafa Mohammed
He added: “The management of the Zamalek club won the battle of Saint-Etienne and scored a goal, not stronger, and maintained the dignity of the club because it is more than millions.”


Imam Asur
He stressed that the brilliance of Imam Ashour does not cancel the role of Ferjani Sassi with the club Zamalek, but the player presented his credentials to the fans, noting that the team competing for the championship must have a strong bench.

In another context, in recent hours there has been a state of outrage among Zamalek staff over recent decisions by the tripartite committee that manages the club during this period, led by Councilor Imad Abdel Aziz, on the campaign. salary increase for a number of senior employees of the association.

Sources from the team confirmed that these decisions had disappointed many employees, especially after learning about the high sums of money they recently received by decision of the Tripartite Committee in view of the financial crisis suffered by the club during this period.

The sources pointed out that the sums of money amounted to between 20 and 35 thousand pounds for the new executives, including the executive director, General Ahmed Zakaria, whose salary was set at 35 thousand pounds per month and reached the increases between 3000 and 5000 for old executives, which angered many.

Decisions for compliments
The sources stressed that there is no excuse for these decisions at the moment and that everyone within the club claims to be polite, especially since the setting of these salaries for new employees and increases for old employees was done randomly and as a courtesy.

“Vito” keeps the names and salaries of employees whose salaries have been increased and the large salaries assigned to new senior officials, including those who worked at the Gezira Youth Center for very small amounts, and Zamalek gets almost 25 thousand pounds per month.

formal complaint
This comes at a time when more than one club staff member has decided to lodge a formal complaint with the tripartite committee over these decisions, especially since there are staff members who have been late for some time and when asked, they responded that the club suffered from severe financial crisis.

Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee in Zamalek, announced yesterday afternoon on one of the satellite channels that Zamalek had suffered a severe financial crisis during this period despite the committee’s success in saving 74 74 million since taking office. in unconventional ways.

The board of directors of the club, represented by the tripartite committee, met yesterday afternoon to take a number of important decisions regarding the internal affairs of the club and the first football team.

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