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The United Arab Emirates is announcing a major nuclear incident by 2020

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The United Arab Emirates is announcing an important nuclear event in early 2020 from the spot on Wednesday 21 November 2018.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced an important nuclear event since 2020.

"The UAE will begin operating the first nuclear reactor in 2020," said Crester Vickersen, general manager of the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

"The operator must announce his technical and organizational readiness, expected by the end of 2019," Victoria told a news conference.

The General Manager of the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Authority in the United Arab Emirates is waiting for the announcement of operational readiness for work.

It states that the Authority was not prepared to grant Nucleus an operating license until the company complied with the regulatory requirements.

The $ 24.4 billion baraka plant is the world's largest nuclear program under construction and will be the first in the Arab world. The total power output of the plant, which includes four reactors, is 5,600 megawatts.

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Source: Dawn

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