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The best-selling novel in the Arab world

Reading is an exciting experience, whether you are traveling to a new book or re-reading an old favorite. It’s easy to immerse yourself in worlds with cool characters, high stakes situations and beautiful settings. Books of all kinds are a form of delicious magic and a safe place to have fun and find things you can’t find anywhere else. According to the book sales statistics in the Arab world now, according to the novelist Hussein Abdul Rahim, we found that there are many novels that receive big sales, such as:

Important books

The art of indifference
The art of indifference

The Art of Indifference by Mark Manson

The Art of Indifference to Living a Life Against Standards is a self-development book that focuses on the idea of ​​the need to learn to deal with adversity better in order to be stronger and happier.

Forty by “Ahmed Al-Shugairi”

Ahmad Al-Shugairi completed this book in a quiet period of forty days, during which people and technology withdrew and ended with forty thoughts on each of the following axes (which are the sections of the book):
-40 days in my life.
-40 days with my Koran.
-40 days with me.
-40 days with my improvements.
-40 days with my stories.
-40 days with my God.
-40 days with my books.
-40 days with the wisdom of the people.
-40 days with my memories.
-40 days with my judgment.

Sophie’s World by Justin Garder

Sufi World, a novel published in 1991 AD. It was written in Norwegian and has been translated into more than fifty languages. The novel is based on conversations between the protagonist Sophie Amundsen and a mysterious man named Alberto Conks. The Sufi scholar considered it an essential introduction to philosophy.


Parapsychology for “On the Pink”

The book Parapsychology is a study of the human soul that focuses on the field of human genius and how to access it, as well as the role of the subconscious mind in the mental process and how to exploit it.

The Long Shadow of Jane Webster.

A novel that tells the story of an orphan girl who lives in an orphanage and an unknown man takes care of her studies in exchange for correspondence with him every month to tell him what is happening in her life. This novel was turned into an anime series.

Because you are the God of “Ali bin Jabir Al-Fifi”

A light religious book with notes full of peace and tranquility. Explains some of the most beautiful names of God,
He warns his readers of many things he overlooks and points out very important blessings that people may not notice.


The Alchemist of “Paulo Coelho”

A novel about a young Spanish shepherd, “Santiago”, who embarks on a journey to fulfill a dream that was repeated more than once and focused on a treasure buried in the pyramids of Egypt.

The theory of peanuts by “Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi”

A self-development book that contains a collection of articles, some of which talk about things like NLP, ways of thinking and human behavior.

The forty rules of love by Elif Shafak

A novel that tells two parallel stories, one in modern times and the other in the thirteenth century, in which Jalal al-Din al-Rumi confronts Shams al-Tabrizi, and together they embody the eternal message of love.

A life in management by “Ghazi Al-Qusaibi”

A book dealing with the author’s biography from the early stages of his education to the decision to appoint him ambassador to London in 1992. The author presents his experience in detail in how he manages the positions he held and lists some of the attitudes, the curiosities and obstacles encountered.

The girl who does not like her name for “Elif Shafak”

A novel about a girl suffering from a lonely problem that has become the complex of her life, her name that she hated because of the ridicule of her colleagues because of him, and then books and novels become a refuge for her and her friends.

The farce of the human mind

The prank of the human mind by “Ali Al-Wardi”

The book engages in social research in an attempt to understand luxurious human nature, while also analyzing some social issues and the facts of Islamic history in terms of modern social logic.

Dancing with life, by “Mahdi Al-Mousawi”

An intellectual book in which the author tries to explain the secrets and causes of eternal human happiness, urging him to learn the method of “dancing with life” and harmonizing with it, so that a person can achieve his share in happiness. and overcome all obstacles.

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