Sunday , March 7 2021

The Beach team faces the United Arab Emirates internationally friendly

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The Beach News team faces United Arab Emirates in an international friendly news source – the seventh day with details The beach group faces the United Arab Emirates in an international friendly:

Egypt Today – Egyptian football team headed by Ahmet Abdul Racek plays friendly with the UAE at the start of the Emirates International Cup .

The national team includes Ahmed Abdul Razek, Mustafa Lotfi, general coach, Yasser Abdul Khaleq, goalkeeper coach, Ahmed Kamal, managing director and Dr. Walid Mansour, a physician, and natural healer Abbas Hassanein with 12 players are: Abdel Aziz Sabah, Mahmoud Maher Mustafa Ahmed, Mustafa Samir, Mustafa Ali, Ahmed Shehat, Haitham Atef, Karim Sayed, Abdul Rahman Hassan, Mohammed Abdul Nabi, and Hassan Mohammed.

Egypt is due to meet Brazil on Wednesday at 2:15 pm and will face Spain on Thursday at 3:30.

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