Thursday , February 25 2021

Including cancer detection .. 5 things done by the dog will not wait

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Unlike other animals, dogs are characterized by the supernatural sense of smell. According to studies, "the sense of smell in dogs is greater than that of humans by 10,000 times".

Therefore, because dogs have this ability, they are used by security services in post-training inspections, known as "police dogs". Ordinary dogs can also save lives through their strong nose. If you are a dog lover and love to raise them, Here are seven unexpected things that can discover your dog:

1 – change in blood glucose:

Studies show that dogs can smell blood glucose levels and determine it by changing the smell of sweat.

2- Cancer:

Research has shown that dogs have the ability to detect lung cancer with breathing and urinary bladder cancer. Therefore, clinics used dogs to detect various types of cancer, including breast cancer. Dogs are a valuable tool for diagnosing the disease at an early stage.

3. Identity:

Experts say that dogs can recognize someone even if the smell is mixed with fragrance or after contact with other people. Trained dogs can also distinguish between the smell of identical twins and the police to use this ability when locating.

Epileptic seizures:

Scientists confirm that dogs are able to detect future seizures before they start about 45 minutes. Dogs are believed to be able to feel a particular odor in front of the medical condition and will try to attract the attention of the patient by barking.

5. Storms and hurricanes:

Studies have shown that dogs can smell small changes in the atmosphere, predict storms or other disasters and predict soil vibrations.



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