Sunday , January 17 2021

Hospitals and Medical Centers Reduce the Cost of a Corona Exam – Local – Health

Private hospitals and medical centers in Abu Dhabi reported that last week they reduced the price of a nasal swab to detect Coronavirus by up to 50%.

Some of them said they provided packages for those wishing to leave and return to Abu Dhabi, including the three required checks, which are entry to Abu Dhabi, on the fourth and eighth day.

One medical center said it had started providing two exam packages, the first including two Corona exams worth 185 dirhams, and the second including three exams worth 270 dirhams, bringing the value of one exam to 90 dirhams, indicating that “the offer is popular among those wishing to go to Dubai and the Emirates North and back again, as this requires three checks.

A medical unit said it had reduced the price of a Corona test from 175 dirhams to 99 dirhams, by almost 50%, indicating that “the reduction in prices strengthens measures to prevent the virus”.

And at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center in Abu Dhabi, late last week, it started implementing new fees for the 110 dirham “Covid-19” (BCR) test.

And some hospitals and medical centers still keep the prices of the Corona test at the levels recorded last month, as the value of the test reaches 175 dirhams, since it was 250 dirhams.

Emirates Today monitored the provision of exclusive discounts on medical facilities to specific groups of the public, especially households, to encourage families to see them regularly.

Hospitals said they aimed to reduce the cost of the test to increase the number of screening tests for Corona, encouraging staff, especially those who deal with the public on a daily basis, to perform it, as well as encouraging families to they do it at home on a regular basis.

The people and residents of Abu Dhabi have welcomed the reduction in the cost of the Corona test to these levels, believing that this encourages them to carry out regular inspections and helps reduce the financial costs of those whose work requires periodic inspection.

They suggested that there should be a single price for the examination to be performed by medical facilities and centers at the state level and for breach of the facilities that conduct it outside the set prices.

It is worth noting that the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee recently updated the conditions for entry to the emirate, in order to strengthen preventive measures for the early detection of new coronavirus infections.

According to the requirements, residents and visitors entering the emirate are required to have a nasal swab examination on the fourth day for those who stay for four consecutive days and if they stay in the emirate for eight days or more, they must undergo an additional examination on eighth day.

Abu Dhabi residents and visitors will continue to be allowed to enter the emirate when they test negative for “PCR” or “DPI” within 48 hours of receiving the result.

• Hospitals and medical centers offered offers for those wishing to leave and return to Abu Dhabi, including the three checks.

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