Saturday , February 27 2021

Gojitsu goes to Sweden to take part in the world championship

Amman – Tomorrow – The Gujitsu national team arrived on Friday in the Swedish capital of Malmo to participate in the Gujitsu World Championship, which will be held from 23 to 25 November, with more than 600 players representing 55 countries.
The team will be represented by 12 players: the winner of a certificate (weight +94 kg), Zaid Jarouda (weight 94 kg), Basil Vanus (weight 94 kg), Badr Khuzaie (weight: 85 kg) Anas Shamout (weight -62 kg), Yara (77 kg), Abdulkarim Al-Rashid (weight -77 kg), Ghaleb Al-Harhasha (70 kg) and Inas Sami (weight – 62 kg).
The team had intensively trained in the past season to prepare the tournament under the supervision of national coach Zaid Abu Saud, who confirmed the team's readiness to compete in competitions.
"We started preparations for the tournament as we got behind the Asian Games in Indonesia last September," he said.
He stressed that the team is going to be involved in some weights for the first time in foreign tournaments, which will gain some players the experience they need to move forward.
This version is the largest in relation to the number of players involved, which will increase the level of competition between players.
It is worth noting that our national team Gujitsu has already won two gold and silver medals in the latest edition of the World Championship held in Colombia by Abdul Karim Al-Rasheed and Hamza Al-Rasheed.

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