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A new electronic measuring device to monitor the wound healing rate


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Sunday 11 November 2018 – 12:39 pm
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Sunday 11 November 2018 – 12:39 pm

The wounds can not heal without a continuous stream of oxygenated blood at the site of injury.

To track the rate of wound healing, researchers in the United States have developed a new flexible sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels in large areas of skin, tissues and organs to help doctors follow the progression of wound healing.

"When you hear the word" oxygen "in the blood, you come to your mind the image of a large, rigid device with a complex unit of measurement that limits the patient's movement," says Yasser Khan, a researcher at UC's Department of Electrical and Computer Science Berkeley. But we want to dissolve this image from a light, flexible and non-thick measuring device at all. "

The new device consists of a series of light emitting diodes and organic electrodes printed on a flexible material emitted by infrared radiation to varying degrees. The research team used the device to measure the degree of saturation of oxygen on the front of a volunteer who was breathing the air with oxygen concentrations gradually decreasing, as happens when the person rises from the surface of the earth.

The research team found that the readings of the new device match the results of conventional devices for measuring the oxygen ratio in the blood.

"After organ transplant surgery, surgeons have to check that oxygen reaches all the tissues of the new organ," said Yasir Khan, a researcher at IRIN. If you have a traditional measuring device, you have to move from one place to the other to the patient's body to perform the measurement, but the new device allows you to record multiple indications at the same time so that the surgeon can see if the assimilation process is continuing right or wrong.

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